Isn’t It Interesting

No matter how enlightened we become, or think we have become, isn’t it interesting that we can still be impacted by other peoples fears?

Case-in-point; my beautiful wife Terrie and I were preparing to visit Korea.  We called the credit card companies to let them know there would be some foreign transactions and were told that there was so much unrest in Korea that they would prefer we not use our cards there.  Another person told us the Japanese who had planned on joining us in Korea had canceled because of the unrest.  Neither of us was too concerned on a conscious level because we know we are guided and protected in everything we do, but on a sub-conscious level I guess we had adopted the fears of others without knowing it.  When we arrived in Korea, late at night, we were in a kind of “bunker mentality” and quite unaware that we had adopted this energy.  

The next day we boarded a city tour of Seoul and to our delight we discovered the most wonderful people and experiences everywhere we went.  That’s when we began sharing with each other that low level fear we had allowed to come into our thoughts.  It didn’t take long for us to begin laughing at our adopted fears and enjoy being in Korea.

My point is this; we cannot always trust everything we believe.  Our belief system is not an isolated island, it is connected to everyone we meet, therefore it is subject to wider distortions of life.  When we allow ourselves to re-act from our sub-conscious we will be doing so on the lowest level of our beings, rather than acting from the highest levels of our consciousness.  

Becoming the Involved Observer in our own lives and knowing the difference between acting and re-acting we free ourselves to live life in the most joyful way.  Please read Think, Believe, Receive and It’s All About Me for a deeper look at how life around us affects life within us.  

Think Believe Receive                           The Involved Observer