Sometimes you just gotta say…..

If you have read more than about three of my blogs you know I am, for the most part, a guy who likes to see the good in everything.  That being said today my topic is “sometimes you just gotta say…I’m sorry you are being a jerk.”

Please take note that I did not say “you are a jerk”, nope, just being a jerk.  

There is a difference between are and being which will often be lost on the person to whom you say this, but after all, you are not saying it for them, you are saying it for you.   Take a look at what is being said; first off you are saying “I’m sorry.”  Saying I’m sorry is usually a great way to start any discussion.  Then you further define what you are saying by leaving room for improvement; “you are being a jerk.” Which means they do not have to remain a jerk, it’s their choice.  Now who could possibly take offense at that statement?  Do you see how quickly you turn the tables on the perpetrator of jerkiness?  What a master stroke!

I can say this because I was the recipient of this statement recently; my beautiful bride took offense at something I said and rather than getting angry with me, she simply said “I’m sorry you are being a jerk.”  I was left with no place to go, no place to hide.

So there ya go; sometimes you just gotta say, “I’m sorry you are being a jerk.”

Happy April Fools Day!


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