How do we define ourselves?

Do we define ourselves by what we think others are or are  not?  Do we define ourselves by how many others have harmed us?  Do we define ourselves by the burdens we carry, our responsibilities?  All these are very transient definitions, so when we finally learn that no one has truly harmed us more than we harm ourselves, when we learn that our burdens and responsibilities are thing we ourselves have defined, then we are again left with the question; how do we define ourselves?

Yes, I do have a suggestion for how we can redefine ourselves.  How about defining ourselves by how much unconditional love we spread.  Unconditional love is love that does not require any response, carries no strings and is shared simply for the joy of standing as love.

I am not suggesting it is easy to simply stand as love, in fact we have been taught that love comes with a price, that love hurts, but unconditional love has no price, does not hurt us or anyone we choose to share it with.  What a hoot it is to think that we have the option of simply being love, and letting the chips fall where they may because we have no attachment to what others do with that love!

Take the risk, step out onto the skinny branches and begin to define yourself as a proud carrier and dispenser of love.  When someone asks who we think we are, just say “I am Love!”