What’s The Problem?

“Houston, we have a problem.”  A famous line from the movie Apollo 13 but also a very familiar thought going through our minds.  The real problem is we do not step back and ask ourselves what the problem really is!  Is the problem life threatening?  If so, take immediate action, if not, take yourself off the hook and ask just how serious the issue is. 

The other day my flight was delayed an hour for mechanical issues.  What was the problem?  Truthfully, the only problem was that I might miss my connecting flight.   Was there anything I could do about the possible issue was, well, nothing!  I could get all pumped-up and moan and groan to anyone who would listen, but that would not solve my connection issue.  By identifying the real problem I put myself  back into a place where I could see the pilots making up the delay, which they almost did, so when I arrived at my destination I was only fifteen minutes behind schedule.  When I arrived the airlines had sent someone to help me clear customs and immigration and get to my next flight.  When I arrived at the gate for my new flight, that flight was delayed as well.  No problem at all.

By identifying the actual problem I gave myself the opportunity to do what I could (nothing) and trust that all would be well, which it was.

Before you get all worked up about an issue, first decide what the issue really is, and then decide if there is anything at all you can do about it.  If there is, do something, if not, chill out and trust the Universe to deliver magical results!