Communication Breakdown

Talk is cheap, so they say, and it is true; words come easily and abundantly, the problem is no matter how many words we use we may not be communicating.  This lack of communication is not simply because others are not listening, it is because they cannot hear us.

In my book Bear and Butterfly I explore this communication issue based upon two energies; Male Energy and Butterfly Energy.  We all have both within us; even the most imposing, intimidating figure has Butterfly Energy within, and even the most delicate of Butterfly Energy has Bear Energy within.  What we want to develop is twofold; one, we want to become aware of our own range of energies.  These energies are our tools to build a better communication.  Once we become aware of how we communicate we can tailor what and how we express ourselves to be more effective in our communication.  Secondly we want to become aware of the other persons energy; how are they communicating with us?   When we recognize a communication style we can adapt our listening to actually hear what the other person is saying.

Neither energy is more right or more wrong, they are simply different.  Can you picture yourself listening to your spouse without judgment about how they are expressing themselves?  Can you see yourself making a presentation geared specifically to those who are your audience?  Do you see that embracing all the tools you have can make you more effective at communicating with other?

When we get our energies in balance we not only communicate with others more effectively, we communicate with ourselves more effectively.  When it comes time to Butterfly; we can do that.  When it comes time to express as a Bear; we can do that too.  Embrace ALL your energy; read Bear and Butterfly.