Perfection is a simple word, but a concept of many dimensions.  On one level we are all created in a state of perfection; each unique and wonderful.  Each essential to the planet for one reason or another.  You are the perfect you.  Perfection is also as good as things get, yet we know that when we reach this stage of perfection, there is always another level that opens up, challenging us to grow.  Perfection can also be viewed as unattainable, for the same reason; no matter how perfect things are, they can always get better, so how can we achieve perfection? Perfection can also be a limiting concept, such as when we say “I am only human, I am not perfect.”

Kind of makes you want to banish the idea of perfection all together, doesn’t it!  Perfection is at one time right here, right this very moment.  No matter what is happening, it is exactly perfect, but perfection also calls us to higher levels.  So how can we embrace perfection in all it’s mysterious ways?  When I find myself thinking about what perfection is, I have to stop and realize the Universe has a much larger idea of perfection than I can every comprehend, so I use the words “This or better.”This lets me bask in the glow of having an achievement and at the same time be comfortable with the notion that no matter how good this is, an even more wonderful level is just ahead without going insane.

When it is all said and done, your view of perfection is yours and yours alone, that is why I recommend my book It’s All About Me.  In this book you will find there are scientific reasons that our view of things changes the thing itself.  Get yourself a copy at and experience joy in your own perfection!

The Involved Observer