Practice, practice, practice

You have tried every self-help program out there, and none of them have worked.  Not one single one of them has worked.  You are frustrated and ready to give up on the idea of experiencing a better life, getting more money or having a wonderful relationship.  I totally get it.  Nothing worked for me either, until I discovered a deep spiritual truth; regardless of the program you choose to follow for self-improvement, none of them will work without practice.

Yes, I know it is a boring thought; practice, practice, practice, but here is another spiritual truth; no program, no coach, no book or blog will give you what you are seeking.  They will give you guidelines, suggestions and ideas, but you are unique.  What works for someone else will not automatically work for you.  Because you are unique you will have to do the work, you will have to learn to adapt any teaching to the wonderful unique being you are, and the only way to adapt a concept is to put it into practice, then practice some more.

This blog marks my 501 blog.  In these pages I have shared my thoughts about IN-Powerment, living a more magical life, loving more deeply and so many other things, yet occasionally I find myself feeling like I am back on square one.  That is when I have to return to my own advice and practice, practice, practice.  It is not that I have fallen backwards, it is that I have advanced and come back to one of my own issues again, this time from a different perspective.  Have you experienced the same frustration?  Don’t give up on yourself.  You have not relapsed, you are just getting the opportunity to review the lessons you have learned and apply them from a new level.  This is exactly what my book Think, Believe, Receive is all about.  Get yourself a copy at and Practice, Practice, Practice.

Think Believe Receive