I want more

If you want more in and from your life the first thing you must do is to express your gratitude for what you already have, no matter how humble what you have may seem.  If you find yourself complaining that you do not have a new car, stop and give thanks that until now you have been able to go where you want with what you have.  This will unlock the lack mentality of complaining and open the doors to getting something new.

Giving thanks for what we have is why many of us say Grace at mealtime.  We are honoring what we have.  You do not have to express gratitude to any specific entity, although it does help me, but simply saying “Thank you for this” is certainly more uplifting than saying “Is this all?”  It is my belief that as we become aware of how much we do have rather than focusing on what we do not have, we discover an amazing thing; we feel better about ourselves!  Our words have power, power over others and power over ourselves.  If our focus is on lack, we produce more lack.  If our focus is on abundance, we produce more abundance.  

The greater your resistance to this concept is, the more important it is for you to give it a try.  That resistance does not come from disbelief, it actually comes from the little voice inside us that wants us to feel better about ourselves.  We cannot find that love we seek, the income we desire, the happiness in our lives that seems to be missing when all we focus upon is what we do not have. A positive attitude results in positive results.

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