Self Worth

Is it possible that our most common motivation for doing-or not doing- something is our own feeling of self worth?  Is it possible that, if this is indeed the case, we now have a new tool to reach our greatest possible potential?  Let me make my case.

The greatest obstacle to us reaching our full potential is getting started. When we are feeling “low”, feeling down on ourselves almost anything anyone says can be taken as criticisms.  Once criticized, we go on the defensive because we do not have confidence in ourselves to begin with.  The criticism simply adds to our feeling of lack of self worth so we naturally doubt our ability to do anything.  Sometimes we begin finding examples of our lack of worth on our own and this adds to our feeling of inadequacy.  From this place we cannot get started.

What then can we do at this point?  In my book It’s All About Me, The Involved Observer, I explore many of the common reasons for feeling a lack of self worth, and many ways to overcome this very real, very damaging experience.  You see, it is very rarely about the other person, it is most often about ourselves, and because it is about ourselves, we, and we alone, have the power to re-instate our own feelings of worthiness.

You can get your copy of It’s All About Me at in the books department when you are ready to take on responsibility for your own life, and reach those goals that are right at your fingertips.

The Involved Observer