Much of social media today revolves around our changing times.  As a result people are unfriending others, posting vitriolic diatribes and pretty much choosing sides.  What a waste!  The most powerful potential of social media is the sharing of ideas, and sometimes these ideas make us uncomfortable.  If this discomfort results in any type of anger, GREAT!  As with chaos, when we are uncomfortable we are being offered the opportunity to review exactly why we are uncomfortable.  Does the idea being presented challenge our default settings?  Do the idea make us think?  Again, GREAT!  If we find ourselves simply dismissing other people’s ideas because they do not match our existing beliefs we are in effect killing ourselves.  When we cease to examine our beliefs, cease to ask ourselves “why does this make me uncomfortable?” we cease growing and cease living.

We recently learned that millions of posts were made by the agents of a foreign government for one purpose; to make us afraid.  Now that the truth has come to light some of us are dismissing this news because it makes us uncomfortable.  We are uncomfortable because we fell into a trap.  Now the question is; shall we remain in that trap, or shall we extricate ourselves.  As with most traps simply pretending we did not step into a trap only leaves us one option; death.  On the other hand, if we stop ignoring the trap and deal with getting out and not stepping into a trap again, we can live.

If the subject of this message makes you uncomfortable, even angry, GREAT!  Now you have the opportunity to examine WHY it makes you uncomfortable.  Life is about learning, about growing and about moving forward.  I say “Thank you for the invitation to examine my beliefs!”  

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