I checked, and the word Comfortability is not yet in Websters Dictionary, but it should be!  Comfortability is the ability to take comfort in your life; to take comfort in love; take comfort in who you are.  

Have you felt comfortability in your life lately or have you been too busy being what and who we think others want you to be? We give so much of ourselves in the quest to get along we loose who it is we are; loose the ability to embrace the wonderful things which surround us.  I guess you could say we live in a state of “non-comfortability” and that is a real waste of our lives.

I think most of those folks with tons of letters after their names who look into our heads would agree; the most common source of feeling sad, feeling ill in ways we cannot define is the feeling we are not in control of our lives.  This is a very understandable feeling, but it is based on a misconception.  The misconception is that we are not in control.  We blame others for our mental state and say it is beyond our control; we blame others for our positions at work and say we are victims.

Loved ones; everything in your life is at your control, if we choose to accept responsibility for our lives rather than living in a default state.  We get to take responsibility not only for the things which seem to be falling apart (we call this blame) AND we get to take responsibility for the things which are working so very well it makes us smile ear-to-ear! (we call this ego in the most negative connotations.)

Be the CAUSE in your life, stop living in EFFECT.  That is what IN-powerment is all about.  Read up on IN-powerment in both of my books and experience “Comfortability for yourself.  

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