Say Thank You

If you have been a frequent reader of these posts you might have asked yourself “all these words are great, but does Brian actually put them to use himself?”  Fair question.  This morning as I prepared to shave and brush my teeth I had before me a very important meeting;  a meeting which would affect my life profoundly from that moment for the rest of my life.  I looked at myself in the mirror and said “OK Brian, this is it, do you believe in what you teach?  Do you believe in the power of the Universe working through you?  If you do believe, what are you going to do…are you going to try to drive this bus or are you going to work in cooperation with your guidance?”  It does not matter what this meeting was, or where, every moment can be a turning point in our lives and how we face that moment is the real test.

I made my choice to trust, I made my choice to listen to my guidance.  In less than five hours from that commitment to myself and the Universe the meeting was concluded.  I would like to say everything I hoped for happened; it did not.  What happened was far more complete than my hopes.  I listened, I trusted.  As I have been told often “you have one mouth, two ears and two eyes.  There is a reason for that; listen more than you talk, watch more than you speak.”

As I understood that I was guided, protected and inspired all that was left for me to do was say Thank You.  It doesn’t matter if you say thank you to God, Allah, Jesus, the sun or a tree, the important thing to do when you have come through any event, no matter what the result, is give thanks.

Thanks for reading my posts.

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