We all face disappointment sooner or later.  The job we wanted goes to someone else, our children don’t behave as we would like them to, the relationship we thought would be “the one” vanishes in a cloud of acrimony.  We get used to these disappointments most of the time and move on, but sometimes disappointment […]

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Stop thinking

Stop thinking!  No, not forever, just long enough to get back to living.  Living is when we stop thinking about all we do not have, and relax into all that we do have.  When we can take pleasure in gazing at the stars and experiencing  the Unlimited rather than focusing on the inconvenience of finding

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Who am I?

Who are you?  You are a unique individual who is doing the very best you can at this very moment.  You bring to this planet skills, ideas and possibilities no one has ever brought, and no one else will ever bring.  I guess that makes you pretty special, doesn’t it!   The biggest challenge we

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Self Worth

Is it possible that our most common motivation for doing-or not doing- something is our own feeling of self worth?  Is it possible that, if this is indeed the case, we now have a new tool to reach our greatest possible potential?  Let me make my case. The greatest obstacle to us reaching our full

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Set in my ways

As I flit from country to country, town to town, hotel to hotel on this most amazing adventure I am having with my beautiful Lady, the places where I am set in my ways pop-up and surprise me time and again.  things I thought no longer mattered to me suddenly seem like huge things.  This

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Increase your world

Increase your inner world and your outer world cannot help but also increase.  Increase only your outer world and nothing much about you will change. We have discussed in many blogs how accumulating stuff will not increase your feelings of self worth and joy.  This is another way to approach the same topic with perhaps a

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I love being me

If you are feeling blah about life.  If you are doubting your self-worth, if you are beginning to think “they” are right- you will never amount to anything greater than what you were, there is a simple step you can take to help break through to the new and higher level; look into the mirror

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