Increase your world

Increase your inner world and your outer world cannot help but also increase.  Increase only your outer world and nothing much about you will change.

We have discussed in many blogs how accumulating stuff will not increase your feelings of self worth and joy.  This is another way to approach the same topic with perhaps a little more spice.

What does your “inner world” mean?  It means the part of us which speaks to us about our worth, speaks to us about our place in the world, speaks to us about our own value.  This “inner world” might sound like your conscience when it speaks to us, and we might think we are at its service, but the reverse is true; we are in control of our conscience.  Please don’t try to say you always follow your conscience, there are many times we act counter to our guidance, then create the most wonderful justifications for doing whatever we did.  Most of the time we actually believe our justifications too!  If, however, it is your intention to truly find joy, peace, love, happiness and even success in your life getting, in good standing with your inner voice is essential.

During the past year I have been doing exactly that; going inside to my inner world, and it has been amazing.  In both my books I discuss how we are guided, provided-for, supported and supplied by the Universe.  The we turn to expanding that inner world this guidance and support become so much clearer.  But what does this mean to you? How can you increase your inner world?  How can you expand and maximize why is already yours?  Listen more.  Trust the Universe.  When we stop trying to “drive the bus” life gets so much simpler, and so much richer.  Happy journey. 

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