Healing ourselves

We often hear or speak about “healing ourselves”, which is a wonderful concept, once we understand what it is we want to heal.  That is the power of having a doctor look at us when we don’t feel well.  Some of us try to look-up on-line what is “wrong” with us and get so caught up in our symptoms we quickly loose sight of what was wrong in the first place.  Instead of getting relief from cold sniffles, we want treatment for some exotic malady which hasn’t been seen here for a hundred years.  This is true for physical ailments, and it is also true of emotional issues.  But how do we go about defining the general malaise we sometimes feel about life?

There is a pretty easy way to get an idea of what we don’t like about our lives, what is not feeling right in our lives; that is to look around; look outside ourselves and look at who and what is running around out there.  If we are hanging out with people who always seem to be complaining about their lives, or complaining about other people, we can take on the same dis-ease.  Both these types of people are very contagious, and we don’t know we have the malady until it occurs to us something isn’t quite right.  There may not be anything overt happening, or not happening, yet that feeling of “not-rightness” is very clear to us.

By taking a look at our lives, by becoming the Involved Observer about our lives, we can actually heal ourselves!  There is nothing really “wrong” with us, we have simply bought in to other peoples stuff, other peoples ideas of how we ought to be living.  Rarely is this right for us because we are perfect right from the start.  Read more about this in It’s All About Me. 

The Involved Observer