A different perspective

Have you ever tried to see something another person told you was there, like a dolphin swimming by in the ocean, but could not see it until you looked just a little off to the side of where it was? Once you spotted the dolphin out of the corner of your eye, you could then focus directly upon the dolphin and wonder why you couldn’t see it all along? All it took to see the dolphin was a slightly different perspective, and things came into focus.
That is how our lives often work. We have been told repeatedly that the quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line. This is fine in geometry, but not always true in day-to-day living. Sometimes when we are trying to get to point B from point A we must first go to point R, then to N, then to A again. Otherwise point B is never achieved.
Right now I am working on my third book, facing this exact issue. I see clearly where the message wants to take me, but as I sit here focused so clearly on the goal, the words seem to be frozen in my mind. Being a person who has accepted that help comes from many places I turned to my beautiful Butterfly who gave me the hint I just shared with you; oftentimes to get to point B, the route is most easily achieved through a more circuitous path. Thank you my beautiful Butterfly.

The Involved Observer