Living beyond instinct

Animals live almost exclusively by instinct.  They find food, protect their young and reproduce instinctually.  Isn’t it beautiful?  We, as humans however, have a much broader range of possibilities at our fingertips than simple instinct.  We can reason, compute and build.  Right now, it seems, many people are living at the basest level of life. […]

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Better to forgive than delete

Sooner or later, in all of our lives, comes the question; do I forgive this person or do I delete them from my life.  Our emotional response is often; delete, delete, delete.  Our spiritual response is; forgive. Let’s look at the delete option. When we choose to cut-ties with someone over what they have done

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The value of positive thinking

Does positive thinking have any value?  Is it simply another way to say “wishful thinking”?  You know, I totally get that question.  By itself, positive thinking is not very successful.  One must also include positive action to be successful. Making it work. If you buy a lottery ticket and surround that ticket with positive thoughts

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Paying for it again

How many times do we find ourselves paying for what we have done?  I have to honestly admit that in the past I have done things that would have sent me to jail had I been caught.  I have not always treated others as I would like to have been treated either.  The question is;

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How’s your money?

How is your money?  This is a really important question, especially at this time of year.  We want to give, we want to gift, and the invitation to spend money gets stronger and clearer every day.  That’s why this is a great time to ask “How’s my money?” How we look at our money is

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Peace on Earth

Praying for peace on earth is a wonderful thing, but sitting in your room praying is not enough.  You see, there is already peace on earth, it is the actions of people that are not supporting peace on earth.  This is where we run into a duality of life; God, The Universe, All There Is,

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I have no choice

Have you ever heard yourself say “I have no choice, I have to do it”?  Try to remember how it feels when you say this to yourself, that you have no choice; very disempowering, isn’t it.  To have no choice means you are doing something against your will, and no one really wants to feel

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The future

Nothing happens in the future. No, I am not being a fatalist, nor predicting doom and gloom.  What I am saying is that the future does not exist except as a concept.  Things happen in the now; right now, and not a moment later.  This moment, this very moment you are looking at this word

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Driving Me Crazy

When my beautiful Bride Terrie starts chattering at me about something on her mind I sometimes mentally run and hide because I know there will be about a zillion words coming my way, and I won’t know which ones to listen to.  I also know that when my beautiful Bride Terrie asks me a question

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