How much happiness is enough?

How much happiness can I take?  I suspect that this is not a question you have asked yourself lately.  Well, the answer to the question “How much happiness can I take” is: as much as you will allow.

A false sense of lack

We often believe that if we ask for too much we will be punished.  We also believe that if we get something, someone else will not get their share.  That might have been true when we were at our sixth birthday party and the cake was being divided between all the guests.  In fact, occasions like this might just have been when we were taught there is only so much to go around.  I like to call this the birthday cake concept of supply.  Unfortunately we continued to apply this lack mentality to the rest of our lives even when it does not apply.

Unlimited supply

No matter how much happiness you may be feeling at this moment, you can have more, and more, and more.  There is an unlimited supply available. Please do not feel guilty for asking for more.  The only limiting factor is how much  you will allow yourself.  Oh darn, here we are back at the birthday cake concept of supply and lack mentality.  

When you think of happiness, what do you picture?  Family, friends, community?  No matter what your definition of happiness is, no matter how many categories the concept fills, there is more; IF YOU ALLOW MORE HAPPINESS.

Unlike tangible things which eventually reach the point where happiness is no longer the goal, only acquisition, you can add to your joy and the supply does not diminish.  In facts, the more  you allow into your life, the more there is to go around.  So really, the question is, how much happiness do I want?  It’s totally up to you.

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