The future

Nothing happens in the future.

No, I am not being a fatalist, nor predicting doom and gloom.  What I am saying is that the future does not exist except as a concept.  Things happen in the now; right now, and not a moment later.  This moment, this very moment you are looking at this word is your now, and this now is where all possibility exists.  What we create in our now becomes our future; the future, then, is already created; we simply step into that place.  So, the question becomes “What do you want your future to be?”  Whatever that future is; you create it right now.

If you want a future with clean air, safe water to drink, and the possibility of a better life experience, you do not wait until tomorrow, or the next week to begin creating that vision; you begin right now.

Yes, I agree; sometimes it takes time for things to manifest, but they will not manifest in any length of time if we do not do something right now to set the stage for that manifestion.   I am reminded of the old saying that we have time so that everything doesn’t happen at once.

The future is not something to be feared, the future is something to be shaped.

Begin shaping your future right now.  This is one of the reasons I wrote Bear and Butterfly, THE Relationship Handbook.  By looking at why we have the relationships we have now, we can shape a future that is more fulfilling, more loving and happier.  Don’t wait until tomorrow to improve your relationships, improve them today.  Get a copy or two of Bear and Butterfly from Amazon books and take control of your life.