Off shore wisdom

We spend a great deal of time and effort looking for inspiration and wisdom, peace, love and prosperity outside ourselves; as though the only answers to our desires must come from an “off shore source.”  As Dr. Phil might ask; “How is that working for you?”

In almost every instance what you are seeking is already within you right now.  The truth of the matter is, until you have the answers, the question cannot arise!  You cannot envision what might be until you first vision that something can be.

What we admire in others cannot be recognized unless we have a corresponding place to put that admiration.  If you think someone is especially loving, it means that within you is an especially loving person; otherwise you might see them as overly emotional.  The person you view as being wise cannot be recognized if you are foolish.  The person you see as creative and imaginative, and wish you could be more like them is simply calling those parts of you that are creative and imaginative to the surface to express themselves.

I think this goes back to a  lack of confidence in ourselves that is based on something we were told by someone years ago; that somehow we are not enough, we are not smart, creative, loving, wise or worthy.  None of these descriptions are true of us, yet we believe them.

Understanding, compassion, wisdom; none of these things are the exclusive domain of someone who lives on the other side of the world, or who lived thousands of years ago, they are an inside job.  All those other sources are simply reminding us that what we seek is already inside us, ready to show up for us.

Trust yourself, trust the inner voice, cast aside the notion your are less-than.

Think Believe Receive