But, what if…

But what if our view of a situation is incorrect; not because we are wrong, but simply because we are not seeing the whole picture?  

But what if we are viewing events not as they are today, but through the lens of things that happened years ago?

But what if we did not truly understand what the other person was saying?

But what if.  Every change that can take place begins with these three words; But What If.  But what if we could see clearly at night, but what if we could travel faster than a horse can run, but what if we could view our planet from space, but what if the we could find a way to house and feed everyone, everywhere and still have our own prosperity, but what if there was a way to increases the profits of business without sacrificing our environment?  

We sometimes think of the word IF as the two largest letters in the english language in a negative light, but what if we realized that those two letters can change everything for the better?  

IF I decided to look at the world through the lenses of possibility rather than limitation.  IF I decided to choose love over distrust, IF I decided to see everyone as part of my world and therefore worthy of consideration.  Do you see what a difference this would make?  

Rather than looking at the future as a scary thing and trying to rely on what we have already experienced, looking at the future through the lens of  “If I change my way of thinking, I will be happier” makes the future something to be welcomed rather than feared.

What is your “But What If?”

The Involved Observer