The Trees

We have hoped, prayed, treated, imagined, planned and schemed to achieve something in our lives but we often wonder where the heck the manifestion of all that visualization is.  Brothers and Sisters, believe me, it is manifesting, but we are so deep in the trees of our lives we often cannot see the unfolding of what we seek.

I think back over the dreams I have had for my life over the years.  At times I felt that no one and no thing was helping me achieve what I wanted.  Truthfully I sometimes lost hope that what I saw for myself would ever become a reality.  It is only with hindsight that I see the life I had been dreaming of had slowly, carefully and right on time become my reality.

Hindsight; patience, is something that only comes about (if it comes about at all) with time.  This is not comforting to someone who wants it and wants it now, but what we want, what we dream to have and be, is not something that happens; it is something that becomes.  It is a process of whittling away what we don’t want to find the thing we do want.

What we often do is overlook the arrival of exactly what we sought.  

Take a moment and think about what you wanted for your life, write it down if you can, then look around you.  I think you will find you have achieved exactly what you wanted to achieve, but you cannot see it for the trees all around you.  If what you have is not what your dreams were, change your dreams.  You have the power to do that right now.

Being in the forest is a beautiful thing, but deep in the trees you have no vision of where you were and where you are going.

Think Believe Receive