Peace on Earth

Praying for peace on earth is a wonderful thing, but sitting in your room praying is not enough.  You see, there is already peace on earth, it is the actions of people that are not supporting peace on earth.  This is where we run into a duality of life; God, The Universe, All There Is, however you are comfortable, is the true nature of our being, yet we have free will, which can result in our earthly actions running counter to Spiritual Truth.

As people of faith we are often faced with the question; should I stand up for my beliefs in public, or redouble my prayers?  The answer is; do both!  To stand idly by while actions are taken that destroy peace on earth is just as much giving-in to darkness as if we decide that prayer does not work.  We have a physical form which will be harmed if peace does not prevail, so it is our right, indeed our call, to stand up for our beliefs, to march, write letters, even protest if necessary, to make it clear that we do see peace on earth is possible, to insist that our so called leaders recognize we cannot grow and prosper when we are engaged in fear-based brinkmanship.  When we live in fear we cannot grow– we are too involved in survival to grow.

Too often we think being public in our beliefs is less than spiritual, but consider how spiritual leaders of the past have taken stands; Gandhi, Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr, Buddha and countless others were all regarded as revolutionaries in their time by the establishment, and their public actions displayed a deep spirituality.

To stand clearly, and if necessary publicly, in our spirituality is our responsibility.  The Involved Observer of It’s All About Me might assist you in getting your own clarity about the right choice.

The Involved Observer