You ruined my day

Let’s make this clear right off the bat; no one, no thing, no event, can ruin our day.  Unless of course we allow that to happen. Certainly it is easier to blame others for how we are feeling, easier to blame events for creating our mental outlook, yet without exception events and other people can […]

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You are the World

Today I participated in the final send-off of a dear friend of mine.  At times like this I think the most important realization we can embody is; how many people we impact in our daily lives.  It may seem sometimes that we go through life not making much of an impact on anything. That was the

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Last time we discussed expectations and how they can blow up in our faces.  There is a companion to expectations which is just as fraught with danger.  I speak of Assumptions.  If I assume you are going to do something: if I assume you understand what I just said: If I assume you are in

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Expectations are like opinions, we all have them. Too often we have them about and for other people.  The problem is, we do not share with them that they must live up to our expectation, or even what that expectation is! This, my friends leads us down the road to anger and discord.  How can I live

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Just what are we?

We, you and I, and every other creation is energy.  That energy vibrates at specific levels, which produces what we see as ourselves.  Because we are energy, we are subject to the ups and downs of energy supply, just like the power grid which supplies our homes.  Many of us have installed energy efficient lighting

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Is Forgiveness enough?

 Earlier I wrote about the idea of Forgive and Forget.  As I look back on that blog which is available at, I realize there is another step which we must consider in the forgiveness process. You see, if we do choose to forgive someone for doing something we did not like, or approve of,

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