Last time we discussed expectations and how they can blow up in our faces.  There is a companion to expectations which is just as fraught with danger.  I speak of Assumptions.  If I assume you are going to do something: if I assume you understand what I just said: If I assume you are in agreement with me, I am going out on a limb, handing you a saw and daring you to cut the branch off under me.

Just today I had an experience where someone texted me some financial information.  He assumed I got that text.  I did not.  What I did was submit a bid based upon another assumption, that the verbal information I got was correct.  It was not.  In the end, his assumption and my assumption cost me money.  One assumption is dangerous, two assumptions take on the potential of danger, so you can imagine what will happen in a corporation if even more people make assumptions about a concept.

Help me awaken the world to the perils of assumptions.  visit and read a sample chapter, then contribute to this under-realized scourge of our times.  Together we can stomp out the menace of assumptions and make this planet a better place to be!

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