Expectations are like opinions, we all have them. Too often we have them about and for other people.  The problem is, we do not share with them that they must live up to our expectation, or even what that expectation is! This, my friends leads us down the road to anger and discord.  How can I live up to your expectation if you do not share it with me?  And why do I even have to live up to your expectation anyway?  You see, we do not even have an expectation  and already we have a fight going on.

You, yes you, can help eliminate the discord of expectations by reading It’s All About Me and discovering what kind of landmines are present in expectations, how to avoid the dangers, and how to help others overcome their own anger about unmet expectations.  Pretty cool, huh?  All you have to do is help get the book published by going to itsallaboutme.pubslush.com, and contribute as much as you can.  Together we can rid the world of unfulfilled expectations and the drama they cause! 

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