Oh, just shut up!

It is time for that meeting you have been dreading.  The scheduled speaker brings to mind an especially uncomfortable dental procedure without benefit of anesthetic.  Not going will put your job in jeopardy, there is no way around the meeting, and standing up to shout “Oh, just shut up, well, that’s just a bad idea. What will you do, what will you do?

You could read my next book: It’s All About Me, and find out how to go into any meeting; at work, school, home, PTA, whatever, and come away with a deeper understanding of yourself, and maybe even learn something from the speaker.  It’s All About Me leads us through our own minds, lets us discover why we have an aversion to this speaker, helps us defuse a potentially explosive situation in our own minds, and maybe even result in getting a promotion so we no longer have to hear that person!  You see, as the title suggests, It is all about me, and it is all about you, and it is all about them too.  

You no longer have to give away your personal power and feel like a hostage to meetings.  But, to get the full text of this book, it must be published first. This is where you come in.  Please visit itsallaboutme.pubslush.com.  Read a sample chapter, then kick in a few or a few hundred bucks.  I have even included incentives like free autographed copies of the book.  Get in on the ground floor of this life awakening journey I call It’s All About Me.

Thank you, Brian K. Graham PhD 

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