Just what are we?

We, you and I, and every other creation is energy.  That energy vibrates at specific levels, which produces what we see as ourselves.  Because we are energy, we are subject to the ups and downs of energy supply, just like the power grid which supplies our homes.  Many of us have installed energy efficient lighting at home to help save energy (and money), but did you know your brain has and energy saving mode as well? The pre-frontal cortex of our brain is in charge of helping us sort through things, to make decisions. To save our personal energy it operates at the lowest possible energy consumption level.  This is why we so often make our choices based upon information we already have stored in our brains rather than take advantage of the latest information.  This explains why we sometimes hear our parents words coming out of our mouths when we respond to others; it is simpler and less energy demanding to use information we already have  or responses we have already heard or used in a given situation.

Unfortunately, these prerecorded responses are not necessarily in our best interest for this moments choices.  In my next book we look into this tendency to save our brain energy, and how to overcome our “power saver” mode.  It is time to awaken, time to make choices based on our own best understanding TODAY.  Please join in supporting my campaign to fund this book, then you will be able read the whole book and In-power yourself to a greatness you did not even realize you had!   Visit itsallaboutme.pubslush.com.  Read a sample chapter, then join the campaign to awaken to our greatness.  Thank you.  Brian K. Graham PhD.

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