I’m Right, You’re Wrong

Start out a conversation, or a negotiation with these words or this thought in your mind and you start out with a fight.  You may even be right, they indeed may be wrong, but you see, there is this principle of resistance in the Universe which comes into play anytime we try to make anyone else wrong.  Think about a rubber band: you are holding one end, the other person is holding the other end.  If you try to pull the other person to your way of thinking, and they are fighting you, resisting the idea they are wrong, what happens?  The rubber band stretches and stretches until it breaks, just like your conversation or negotiation.

In reality, there are far more many instances where both parties have a good idea, and the final product, or outcome will be even better if both ideas are incorporated.  This is a principle which is true at every level of business.  

Even if, in the end, it turns out you indeed were right all along, would it not be more powerful to have everyone working toward the same goal?  If you think this sounds like surrender, think again, it takes much more power to listen to another persons idea and see it for its possibilities than to turn your back and walk away without listening.

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