I wish I were…..

I wish I were…(add the thing or things you wish you were here) is one of the most destructive ideas we can put in our own heads.  Why? Because in saying “I wish I were smarter”, for instance, we convince ourselves we are not smart at all, and this is not true.  “I wish I had a better body” leaves us open to believing there is something wrong with our body now.  There is nothing wrong with self improvement, that is what Choicefullivingseminars is all about; taking the wonder and majesty of who we are now, then building upon that wonder.

You, I, we bring to this world a set of abilities, skills, thoughts and variety which could not be matched at anytime in the past, nor will it be equaled anytime in the future.  You, yes YOU are that important to the world.  

With Choicefullivingseminars we discover your contribution to this world, build upon that contribution, then expand upon the tools you have to be even more productive, more joyful, more powerful, more abundant.  Everything you need to succeed is already within you right now, so why are you sitting around saying “I wish I were…..?

In-Power yourself, and your company now, visit us at Choicefullivingseminars and book an event today.  And while you are at it,  visit me at itsallaboutme.pubslush.com and enjoy a preview of my next book, It’s All About Me, then make a contribution to its publication!  Thank you.

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