It’s All About Me

Claiming that It’s All About Me at first blush may seem to be the most egocentric posture one can adopt, no question about it.  But, It’s All About Me is about recognizing that we are not victims, powerless peons surviving day-by-day, unless we choose to have that experience.  Even then, ironically, we will be demonstrating to ourselves that we are not victims, powerless, in survival mode without choice, because we have made the choice to be powerless.

This idea is the beginning of my next book of the same title: It’s All About Me, and its companion tool the Involved Observer.  By coming to this realization your life will open to so many wonderful avenues because you will be free of those old teachers, many of whom you have outgrown and are holding you back.

I invite you to read more of this introduction chapter at my website, then make a contribution to getting this book into the marketplace. 

How much more powerful would you be if you could bring all the great stuff you have learned over the years to the table without being concerned about “what if’s”.  How much more productive would you be if you had a tool to eliminate your doubt.  What would you do with all the extra energy you would have if you did not waste it on discord?  Find out by helping bring It’s All About Me to the marketplace!

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