Why is this Bugging Me?

Too often we do not have the opportunity to ask this question before we lash out at someone.  The reason we are “bugged” by people and situations goes back to our training.  Yes, we as humans are trained.  We are trained to make us less difficult to manage!  We can go into that at another date, but right now let’s think about the things which set us off: do you often hear your mother or father speaking when something bugs you?  Maybe it is a past school teacher, or another relative.  They helped us create our “hot buttons”, and when they are pushed we often react out of character.

Becoming  aware that we are reacting based upon a long ago episode is the first step to In-Powerment; to really living our lives as the person we want to be.  Do you see that when we conduct ourselves in a manner which is fitting for how we see ourselves today, rather than going to a default setting which may have been appropriate twenty years ago, or for our parents, we step into our true power, we step into all we can be.

Why is this bugging me?  It may have nothing at all to do with who and what we are today, and maybe it is time to disconnect that hot button.  How do we do this?  My second book explains the process, but first we have to get it published.  Please join my crowd funding  at itsallaboutme.pubslush.com.  Read a sample chapter, and get on board to a freer, more exciting and fulfilling life.  Thank you

Brian K. Graham PhD. 

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