Is Forgiveness enough?

 Earlier I wrote about the idea of Forgive and Forget.  As I look back on that blog which is available at, I realize there is another step which we must consider in the forgiveness process.

You see, if we do choose to forgive someone for doing something we did not like, or approve of, we must at the same time release the idea of that person owing us something for that forgiveness.  We cannot hold that forgiveness over their head like some type of Sword of Damocles,  just waiting to be called in as a payment due.  With forgiveness we release ENTIRELY any energy surrounding whatever the issue was.  If we use forgiveness in anyway which is conditional, we have not forgiven!  Once again it is important to remember that forgiveness and forgetfulness are not the same thing.  To forgive is one thing, but if we forget, and place ourselves in the same position again, that is just silly.    To forgive is a gift to ourselves, not to anyone else.

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Thank you, Brian K. Graham PhD.

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