Because I’m Supposed To

Call me a rebel, it’s been done before; call me a non-conformist, it would not be the first time, also try; stubborn, resistant, independent, contrary, the list goes on an on, but I simply do not find satisfaction in things simply because someone tells me “I’m Supposed To”. Here is how I look at it: I have been created to live a life which only I can live, to have experiences only I will have, and walk a path no one else on earth before me has walked, and no one after me will walk exactly the same way I walk this experience. If this premise is true, who can honestly say that “I’m Supposed To?”

Yes, there are many things I do which conform with social mores, and I do them because I have bought into the idea that if I do this or that, not only will I get along with others more easily, it will be for my betterment as well.  What I do not want to do is simply accept at face value what someone else tells me is in my best interest; that is what self-introspection is about, it is what separates us from most of the other creatures on this planet.

In my second book It’s All About Me, I provide a process I call the Involved Observer to assist me (and maybe even you) in honestly being conscious of why we do things, or do not do things, or like certain things and not others.

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Brian K. Graham PhD

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