It’s all goin’ down just right

Have you ever found it difficult, if not impossible to accept that your life, your experiences, are occurring in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time, and that the outcome will be exactly perfect?  Of course you have, we all have, but now here is another way to look at the same experience: events are occurring exactly in accordance with the steps you have taken until now to produce the desired results. 

What does this mean in simple terms?  It means that you will not grow oranges if you have planted a grape vine.

If you have a vision for your life, a vision you dearly love and would love to experience, and that life has not manifested as yet, take some time and ask yourself if you have indeed planted the seeds for that life to manifest.  Have you gotten the education or training to assume the role you desire, have you created a space in your life for this new experience to grow?  In short: if you want an orange tree to grow, you must plant an orange tree.  If you still want oranges, and only grapes are growing, it is not too late to plant that orange tree!

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