I am not feeling my best.

For some time now I have been offering my views on how we can live our lives more joyfully, in a more in-powered manner.  I guess one might get the idea that I view myself as perfect, and example to be emulated.  Well, that is simply not so.  I got a gentle reminder this weekend as some virus or other moved through my body, causing me to stuff-up, sneeze, cough, ache, ya, I got a pretty good dose of whatever it was. I medicated myself up, and took a nap.

Still, I like you, have responsibilities, places to go, people to see, things to do which would not wait or could not be cancelled.  I took the precaution of frequent hand-washing, not getting too close to others, all the usual stuff, but I was still in public feeling off my game.  In truth it was almost all I could do to hold what I thought was a civil tongue in my mouth.  How successful was I? I guess you would have to ask those around me.   What I am getting at is this: we do our best every moment, sometimes we fall short of where we think or hope we should be.  What’cha gonna do? 

Here’s one thing I have learned works: if I can get around to saying it to others, great, if I only get to say it to myself, that works too.  I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Love You, Thank You.  This is from Dr. Hue Lyn’s”Point of I” program, it works, try it.  Thank you, I love you.

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