Forgive and Forget

Ya, right, forgive and forget, fat chance. Hold on now: forgiveness and forgetting are not the same thing at all.  Forgetting something which impacted you is both impossible, and undesirable.  Everything in our lives has brought us to the point we are now, yes, even those things we think were undesirable are part of who we are today.  Today is the only place we have to work, and as we take that idea even further, this very moment is the only moment we have to work with and create. If someone has done something to you in the past which you still carry around on your back, weighing you down, making each day a chore, it is time to forgive; forgive yourself for thinking you have to carry that old stuff, forgive them for doing whatever it was, BUT you do not have to forget.  Forgiveness is one thing, that frees you; forgetting is amnesia, and there is much to learn from our past experiences.  Go ahead, try it out, pick something which has been on your heart for too long, and forgive.  I think you will like the results. If you enjoy the messages in these blogs, I would ask you to check out my new book,  It’s All About Me.  I am raising financial support to get it published and promoted right now through the first part of October 2014.  Read a sample chapter at  Thank you for your support!   Brian K. Graham PhD  Choiceful Living Seminars more info