Keys to Happiness

On AOL the other night I read an article about the keys to success.  These keys could easily be part of one of my Choicefullivingseminars presentations.  All the essential aspects about our success and happiness begin with our way of thinking.  Is that too simple?  Do you want it to be more complicated?  Making it more complicated is what we tend to do almost all the time! We blame others for our experiences, we think we do not have enough good in our lives, we think others have more good than their fair share, on and on, but let’s get back to basics:  Our happiness begins within ourselves.

This AOL article listed several components to happiness, better health and greater income.  The included: Gratitude, look at what you have and give thanks for that rather than focusing upon what you do not have.  Forgiveness, when you do not forgive someone else, you are not hurting them, you are hurting yourself. Optimism, optimistic people are simply happier than pessimistic people, and more fun to be around!

There were more keys, and they are also included in my second book: ‘It’s All About Me’.  You can read an excerpt from this book, and support its publication at:  

Gratitude, ForgivenessOptimism, a great place to begin your new life. 

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