I am overloaded

Our attitude about what is happening in our lives is perhaps the most critical aspect of our happiness.  If we feel things are moving too fast, there is too much work to do, our lives are boring, our kids hate us, that is exactly what we will experience.  We set the stage for how we feel, how our life works, and then life shows up exactly that way, it is that simple.

In my second book “It’s All About Me” I have a chapter called ‘You Are The Artist’ in which we explore how we paint our lives and how it comes back to us exactly the way we have painted it.  You see, no matter how great your life is right this moment, if you have the idea it stinks, that is how you will view your life.  If you feel that you are overloaded with work and do not have the time to complete it well, there is no way you will change that feeling until you change your thinking about your time. You are totally and completely in charge of how you feel about your life.  Which is why Choicefullivingseminars exists, to help In-Power you to the greatest possible experience, which is limited only by your thinking.

How much good can you handle?

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