You ruined my day

Let’s make this clear right off the bat; no one, no thing, no event, can ruin our day.  Unless of course we allow that to happen.

Certainly it is easier to blame others for how we are feeling, easier to blame events for creating our mental outlook, yet without exception events and other people can at best offer us the opportunity to have a less than stellar day.  We must decide that we will have a stinky day because of someone or something else.  I want to give you the opportunity to IN-POWER yourself right now.  I want to offer your the clarity to see that your shape your world, and no one else, by your choices.

In my second book, It’s All About Me, I have a chapter devoted especially to understanding how we choose to color our days, our lives.  The chapter is called “You Are The Artist”, and gives several examples of how people I know have chosen to re-frame experiences so they become beneficial and uplifting rather than destructive and limiting.  Same event, different choices.  In-powering yourself is what this work is all about.

I invite you to In-power yourself to see some of this wonderful book, and contribute to its publication by going to  Read a sample chapter, and please make a contribution.  There is still time! Thank you.

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