Universal Guidance

Whatever answer you seek, Universal Guidance has it for you.   Many people have the idea that we are self-contained beings; that we have to come up with the answers to all of life’s questions on our own.  This is false.  In fact you have already been the recipient of guidance from beyond your own […]

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The call upward

  We plan our days, we live in the now, we take responsibility for all we do and say (or don’t do and don’t say.)  In short, we do our best to do our best.  Then something happens; we watch a movie, we hear a song, perhaps we hear a remark in passing, then suddenly

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The First Step

The first step in any change is releasing the idea that no change is necessary.  Put another way, change can only take place when our beliefs in our old limitations end.   Our ingrained beliefs are very powerful things.  They can actually set up protective barriers to prevent them being released.  They are self-protecting and

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People don’t listen

When we have a problem we might go to our confidant, our priest, minister or parent for advice.  If the advice or suggestion we get is uncomfortable or asks of us something we do not want to do or is counter to what we have already decided the answer is, we turn away, we decide that the advice

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Ritual and Pageantry

For many years I was the guy who scoffed at ritual. I had no use for those practices which required participants to dress a certain way or assemble in a certain manner.  Fortunately I have lived long enough to outgrow this resistance.  What about you? Through my travels I have witnessed the power which comes from

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I checked, and the word Comfortability is not yet in Websters Dictionary, but it should be!  Comfortability is the ability to take comfort in your life; to take comfort in love; take comfort in who you are.   Have you felt comfortability in your life lately or have you been too busy being what and

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I was wrong

One of the really wonderful things about finding more candles on my birthday cake is that every day I learn something, that is I learn something if I listen.  The flip side of this continual learning is sometimes I discover that along the way I have told someone something I believed to be true, then

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The new understanding

I mentioned Wednesday how I got a new understanding about my book It’s All About Me, and how the Involved  Observer process works, even after working with it for almost two years before publication, and I want to share it with you.  In the IO process we ask ourselves why something is bothering us.  We

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