People don’t listen

When we have a problem we might go to our confidant, our priest, minister or parent for advice.  If the advice or suggestion we get is uncomfortable or asks of us something we do not want to do or is counter to what we have already decided the answer is, we turn away, we decide that the advice is bogus.  It is not those from whom we ask advice who are not listening; we are the people who are not listening.

On the other hand, if the advice or suggestion we receive is consistent with what we want, conforms to what we think we know, it is brilliant advice. The truth is the most powerful advice we get is often the most uncomfortable because it calls us to expand beyond where we are.

Sometimes it seems people don’t listen because after consideration they decide to take another path than the path we would recommend.  Just because someone does not do what we think they should do, does not mean they are not listening.  The reason we think people don’t listen is that we want them to do things the way we think they should do whatever it is.  

This brings us to thinking about our egos.  Wanting things done our way is the reaction of that part of ourselves which wants to control what others do.  While ego is a wonderful part of our self identity and serves us very well, sometimes ego can be a destructive force working against our own happiness, especially when we start believing everyone is against us because no one listens.

Basing our happiness on what others think or do is a sure way to unhappiness.  We are all on this planet doing the very best we can.  Sometimes this is the most important understanding we can embody.

The Involved Observer