We depend upon consistency in our lives.  We crave being able to be confident that people around us will be consistent in what they are telling us, how they will react to situations as well as their viewpoints.  We build our world around these “Knowns.”  Problem is; people change their minds, people change their views, and what was once a given is now in flux.  This flux feels like we have had our power taken away from us.  This feeling of the loss of power can sometimes feel devastating. This is why we can have such strong reactions to  change on any level.

In a way this is like we live each today living in the past.  We have established an idea of what is, what we know, our personal value, even our place in the world  because if we cannot depend upon the past to remain the same, what can we depend upon?  We base our assumptions on a memory then learn that memory is no longer something we can trust.  What a kick in the gut!  It is like we are standing in quicksand and loosing ground fast.

Fear of progress is an example of this effect, so is fear of change in our lives, our relationships, in our workplace too.  (Not to mention our political standings.)  But there is something we can do to overcome this loss of consistency; we can become the Involved Observer in our own lives.  We can step back, listen to what is frightening us, then decide if we want to continue to live in fear of change, or take steps to find a way to re-INpower ourselves through action.  Your consistency is as important to you as the consistency of those around you.  Step into your power, read It’s All About Me, the Involved Observer for action steps you can employ right now. 

The Involved Observer