Thoughts Create

I have written many times in these blogs that thoughts create things, thoughts create our reality, and this is still true.  This time lets take it a little deeper.  Thoughts create US.  The way we think out pictures on our bodies too.

Think of someone you know who always seems to have a smile for every one.  Think of someone you know who always had a kind word to share.  These wonderful people do not walk around hunched-over, they do not have wrinkles upon wrinkles, they are not beset with medical issues, their beings are for the most part calm.

Now think of someone who always wants to control every aspect of their lives and the lives of others.  How do they look differently?  Their movements seem rapid, tension filled, they are quick to change directions and they often seem to be going in several directions at once.  Pleases do not get the idea I am finding fault in any way with these folks.  I am simply using this thought pattern to underscore the difference between those who are at peace in their thoughts and those who have swirling energies.  Can you see how their thought patterns show up in their bodies?

Now, back to the people who are at peace with themselves and the world, they seems to float through the day, gracefully moving about.  Thoughts out picture to our bodies,  inside and outside our bodies as well.   

What I am trying to illuminate here is that our thoughts are powerful.  If you sometimes feel your body almost wanting to revolt, there is a good chance you can find relief within.  Take a deep breath once in a while; believe me, the world will continue to spin if you are not controlling everyone and every thing around you.

The Involved Observer