Roadblock Ahead!

There you are, moving along toward your goal, everything is coming up roses, you feel great about life.  Suddenly it all comes to a halt, you have hit a roadblock.  I am experiencing just such a roadblock at this moment getting my next book (Bear and Butterfly) ready for print.  Until now things have been going perfectly; the one year writing cycle is complete, editing has been done, the cover is ready, but something is keeping me from finishing the electronic transfer of my material.  I have some theories about this roadblock I would like to share with you; perhaps you will resonate with them in your life too.

1) This roadblock is protecting me from making some huge mistake with this book. Have I forgotten to include an essential part of the material in the file I am using, or have I gotten some facts incorrect?

2) I have taken a wrong path somewhere in the material that needs to be rectified before the book sees the light of day.  Were I to release this material right now someone could experience unnecessary hardship perhaps.

3) There is a right and perfect timing for everything, and this particular moment is not the right time to publish this book.  I could be a day early, or a month early, but this moment is not exactly perfect for me to take the next step.

Regardless of the why, the most important thing is that I do not give up, I do not stop moving ahead.

My next step is to review everything about this book, insure my facts are correct, the format is perfect, all the material I wrote is included, that my words reflect my message and that I have not missed something very important about when to publish.

Again, the most important factor is to not give up.  Roadblocks often protect us.

The Involved Observer