The Unfiltered Heart

The Unfiltered Heart comes from learning to understand that everyone who comes to your attention, everyone who comes through your life, is there for a purpose.  That purpose is to be part of you becoming what you have set as your goal.  They are there in answer to your prayers, dreams, hopes and every thought you have had about what you would like your life to be.  Even those who irritate you are there to serve you and your highest expression of life.  Especially those who irritate you!

We often do not seem to learn much from the people around us who do not challenge us.  We take those who do not challenge us for granted.  These wonderful people may be easier to be around, but they do not call you to improve.  Take for example those who have habits we do not approve of; chomping gum,  cracking silly jokes or eating with their mouths open.  What we can learn from these folks is patience.  The Universe will always provide us with what we seek, so if we are seeking to learn patience, The Universe will not hit us with a lightening bolt of serenity and calm, it will give us the opportunity to learn patience our own perfect way.  So you see, those folks are helping us with our goals.  They are helping us improve, they are actually serving us!

If these people come into our lives to serve us how then can we consider them our enemies, annoyances or unworthy of our love?  How can we close our hearts to them?  

The next time someone irritates you, take a moment and see if you can accept them with an unfiltered heart.

Think Believe Receive