Believe in Yourself

Believing in yourself is not the same thing as believing in your possibility, your product or your job.  Believing in yourself has to do with believing in the person YOU are, the person behind the things you do.  The most successful sales people are never selling a product, they are selling themselves.  They are selling a relationship.  

Once again I am writing as much to myself as I am writing to you, my friends.  At this moment my third book, Bear and Butterfly, is now freshly on the shelves at  My next step is marketing this message of how to balance the Masculine and Feminine energies within us all.  As we do this balancing we come to understand that there is nothing wrong with a man shedding tears any more than there is something wrong with a woman who maintains her composure in emotional situations.  So much of what we are taught as we grow has to do with making other people comfortable rather than doing what we know is best for us.  

Bear and Butterfly is a love story.  A love story about coming to love ourselves, to believe in ourselves as whole and perfect regardless of how we look to the outside world.  It is also a relationship handbook.  The relationship we have with ourselves drives the relationships we have with others.  

As we come into balance with the energies within ourselves, as we come to find the power in both our Butterfly Energy and our Bear Energy we find it is easier to believe in ourselves for ourselves.

As I embark on this new journey with a new book I invite you to join me in a pledge; to believe fully, totally and without limit in ourselves.