Child Abuse

Those very words; Child Abuse, are an assault on the senses.  Personally I see no redeeming qualities associated with Child Abuse.  When it comes to the specific definitions of Child Abuse things get a little fuzzy, but there are some things I might consider universally recognized as abuse; berating a child, throwing things at a child, pushing or hitting with the intent of harming, withholding love are all fairly clear examples of Child Abuse and should not be tolerated.

Now think about this; many Adult Children are  experiencing Child Abuse at the hands of their parents who are experiencing Alzheimer’s or Dementia and are suffering just as clearly as a five year old might suffer.  There is no way anyone is going to suggest that someone experiencing Alzheimer’s or Dementia should be put on trial or that their children should be placed in protective custody, but he damage is still being done.  Most of the time these Adult Children have no recourse but to suffer in silence, and it is time for us to recognize how much pain people close to us might be enduring simply because, just as a small child might, they think no one cares or can help them. 

I have written about random acts of kindness being so beneficial to our own happiness.  This might just be a random act of kindness you might be able to provide someone who is going through this situation.  All you have to do is listen to these Adult Children, let them speak about their experiences and assure them that their feelings of anger and sadness about their parent behaving in an abusive manner are well founded and perfectly acceptable.  Simply being present for those experiencing abuse at the hands of someone they have loved dearly and are doing their best to support can be a tremendous source of peace.

The Involved Observer