Oscar Wilde is often quoted as saying “The English and the Americans are two people separated by a common language.”  Anyone who has the privilege of travel understands the truth in this statement.  Two people speaking the same words (or similar words) cannot understand each other.  This is exactly what my new book Bear and Butterfly is about; the difficulty two people can have hearing what as being said because they are listening from a different perspective.  In this case we are talking about men and women generally.  Men tend to be more Bearish in their speaking and listening, women tend to be more like Butterflies as they speak and listen.  So much pain and misunderstanding has occurred  through time simply because we could not understand what was being said by our partners, co-workers or friends, as much as we might try.

Communication is essential for healthy relationships, be that relationship romantic, business or social.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could learn to hear what is being said and also learn to adopt more effective methods of communication?  Are you aware there is an actual physiological reason Bears think differently than Butterflies?  Can you envision a process to help you overcome frustration with others because they are speaking or listening differently than you are?  It would be wonderful to improve our understanding of others; there are physical reasons men and women think differently and their is a process which can help you bridge the communication gap.  This is all contained in Bear and Butterfly THE Relationship Handbook.  Now available through Amazon books.  Give it a read and see if it might help you develop more satisfying and successful relationships.