Universal Guidance

Whatever answer you seek, Universal Guidance has it for you.  

Many people have the idea that we are self-contained beings; that we have to come up with the answers to all of life’s questions on our own.  This is false.  In fact you have already been the recipient of guidance from beyond your own level of experience; you just may not have noticed.  Sometimes we think of this information as good guesses.  We have overlooked the clarity of our own intuition because the answer came to us so easily.  Dumb luck is sometimes credited with helping us make the right decision too.

That wonderful idea that came to you as you slept; Universal Guidance probably had something to do with it.  Deciding to go to an event you were unsure would be of any value then discovering a valuable new contact; Universal Guidance at work.  The Uber or Lyft driver who showed up and provided you with a new understanding; Universal Guidance.

What’s the point?

The point to this is that you are always guided, supported and loved on a level far beyond your conscious knowing.   The answer to questions that have been rolling around in your mind suddenly come to you not through your own brilliance (as wonderful as that is) but because we are all part of a beautiful, inclusive system that goes far beyond what “science” can explain.  The key to this understanding is to listen.  We often allow our ego selves to rule our lives.  The ego self is a wonderful part of our make up.  It gives us definition, it is the reminder that we have value.  However, if left to itself the ego will block the messages of help and guidance that come to us all the time.  We are so much more than our physical bodies, reasoning and thought.  We are unlimited, when we listen to our guidance.

Step by step we grow into this awareness.  Begin (or continue)  your journey into understanding by reading Think, Believe, Receive by clicking on the cover below and reading a sample.  Happy growth!

Think Believe Receive